Posted on: 21 January, 2020

Author: akanksha sen

Fashionistas are the ones who always look for exquisite party sarees. Today you be a fashionista and buy exquisite party sarees online at Banarasi Niketan and enjoy the attention at parties.  Gone are the days when sarees were worn only by elderly ladies in a family. With the trendy designs and patterns available in the fashion world you can add designer party sarees to your collection and wear them to any occasion. A saree is a 6-yard drape, and when wrapped around a lady, it instantly upgrades her to an epitome of beauty and style. At Banarasi Niketan you will find amazing designs and materials for party wear sarees. On many websites, you will find a wide range of fabrics in party sarees. There are georgette, velvet, silk, satin and other such light and fashionable materials available for you to choose from. Decorated with gold and silver brocade, these rich looking banarasi silk sarees are a part of every woman’s collection because of their beautiful floral and leaf designs and colors. The intricate designs on these sarees depict a strong Mughal influence. Kanjivaram sarees are also party sarees originated from the town Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu, and are famous for their gorgeous color and also for their richly brocaded pallus. The most popular motifs used in these are parrots, peacocks, leaves, mangoes and jasmine buds. These are extremely durable, as its silk material is very thick. From the state of Maharashtra, paithani sarees are so rich looking that they can only be worn on the most special parties. These stand out for their creative use of colors. The motifs include a parrot, lotus, peacock, pomegranate flower and a flowering vine, etc. Some of its designs are clearly influenced by the Ajanta Caves. The Ikat sarees of geometric designs are from Andhra Pradesh and their rich and dark colors make them a must-have for style-conscious women. At times, you are stuck in a dilemma, and you just can't figure out what to wear, a lehenga or a saree, then just relax; lehenga sarees are at your rescue. Lehenga saree is basically a proper party attire and pretty fusion of both a saree and lehenga. Just hurry up and purchase a marvelous lehenga saree that has twinkling sequins over it, and wear it on for the gorgeous party that is drawing closer. The fabric you choose will have an impact on your look and your budget as well. So make sure that you choose the one accordingly. Banarasi Niketan has a wide range of designs that are specifically made keeping the idea of parties in mind. Craving for attention is a common thing in a woman and when you wear beautiful and trendy party sarees you will love all the head-turning attention as well. Their party sarees are a result of well thought out design motifs and elaborate work on each piece. This adds charm, grace, and elegance to the sarees and will make you a topic of discussion at parties. These were some of the ethnic sarees that can help you look absolutely the lady of the party. There are many other ethnic attires too which can give you a party look, but sarees would still be at the topmost position, in the list of ethnic wears. These sarees are a must-have if you are a party woman and love to display your style statement. Although you will find these sarees at boutiques, at Banarasi Niketan you can find sarees that are carefully designed to be in line with the latest fashion trends. You do not have to worry about the quality. Trends keep changing and so they always make it a point to add the latest sarees with new designs and motifs that can help you make a style statement. Choose from party sarees that are embroidered, that have gold and shimmering colors, motifs, traditional and trendy fashion fusions and much more. These sarees are perfect for anyone who wants to be elegant and stylish at the same time. The latest saree trends are all about looking up to date. The designer sarees that come under this collection are bold, elegant and subtle. These are different in the context of design, fabric, and color and these are considered as the best party wear sarees. Fashionistas are the ones who always look for exquisite party sarees. Today you be a fashionista and buy exquisite party sarees online at Banarasi Niketan and enjoy the attention at parties. Then conduct the event with your glamour and elegance. Order today and you're your sarees delivered to your doorstep within a week.   Source: Free Articles from Hi, I am Akankha sen, A fashion blogger from Kolkata. I work for Banarasi Niketan Pvt Ltd a renowned saree retail shop of Kolkata. I just love to travel & music keeps me alive.